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Niki is a fully trained
and Certified 
PhiBrows Microblading Artist, through Branko Babic's
world-renowned PhiBrow 
Microblading Academy. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

"What is Microblading?"

Microblading, or micropigmentation, or semi-permanent makeup is the process where small implants of pigments are deposited right below the upper layer of your skin, into the dermal layer to reproduce the natural appearance of real hair. This treatment is performed in a clinical environment with medical quality equipment and topical anesthetic, making this a safe and relatively pain-free treatment. Normal activity can be resumed immediately following the procedure, with a simple aftercare program.

"Should I tip my Microblading Artist?"

As with any beauty service, tips are customary and appreciated. (tips not included in price of service)

"What should I do to prepare for my session?"

You shouldn't drink coffee or alcohol within 24 hours of your microblading session.  You should wear comfortable clothes to your session. It is okay to wear makeup to your appointment. Refrain from waxing one week before session.

"Why Microblade?"

Microblading saves you time and money! You no longer have to purchase brow pencils, liners, fillers or brow gels to make your brows up every day. You will look good around the clock, and ladies; your brows will be the same every day! My clients have said that it makes them feel younger, and if you have never had great brows, you will finally see how you look with great brows. Many clients tell me it boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully now there is finally a brow technique that looks natural.

"Who can get Microblading?"

If your brows lack color or shape, if you want to save time each day by not having to draw them in with makeup daily, saving you time and money. If your natural brows are thin and lack density, if you wear glasses and cannot see well to pencil them in, or if through the normal aging process your brows have thinned and faded in color, and people battling hair loss due to injury (scar fill in), disease or medication are all candidates. Each skin type is unique and not everyone will hold the pigment the same.

"Will my brows look natural?"

Yes! The goal of my microblading technique is to enhance your brows where Mother Nature left off. You will look like you, only better. That is why PhiBrows are the best. You must pass several levels of extensive technique training to become a Certified PhiBrow Artist.

"Will my Microbladed Brows match my hair color?"

Yes! Just like determining hair color at a salon, your Microblading artist has been color-trained and will have a consultation before your microblading procedure to discuss color and your desired outcome. 

"Does it hurt?"

Microblading is a relatively pain-free procedure. A topical anesthetic is used  during the treatment to prevent discomfort. 

"Are there age restrictions?"

You must be at least 18 years of age to have a Microblading procedure performed, or 16 with parent present.  I have worked on clients in their 80's. (I was told that you're never too old to look your best!)

"How long do they last?"

Depending on your skin type, a year or more. After your initial microblading appointment, you must schedule a 6 Week Perfecting Appointment. This appointment is to  add brow hairs that did not resurfaced during the healing process, and to make your brows last as long as they can. After your brow and perfecting appointment and depending on your skin, you should only require an annual touch up.

"How is my brow shape determined?"

The brow shape is measured and determined by the shape of your face and bone structure, using a proven technique perfected by the PhiBrow Academy. Your brows will be  outlined or, "mapped" using this technique, and you will give your input and final shape approval.

"I have a BIG Event coming up, when should I get my brows done?"

If you have a big event coming up in the near future, schedule your appointment three months in advance. Six weeks healing time is required after your initial appointment, and six weeks healing time again after your perfecting appointment. 

"What should I wear to my session?"

You'll want to dress comfortably. During your session you'll be laying on a massage table for about an hour and half. 

Feel free to bring a sweater or a blanket as my suite tends to get chilly!

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